Characteristics associated with drug-related hospital admissions in older patients

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Medicine and Radiology
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The aim of this study is to examine the characteristics associated with drug-related hospital admissions in older patients admitted to metropolitan hospital in Melbourne. Older patients aged 65 years and older have an increased risk of experiencing a drug-related admission compared to younger patients because of risk factors including multi-morbidity of chronic conditions and the prescription of several medications. Older patients are also at risk of experiencing inappropriate medication use, which could relate to medication overuse, where more medications are prescribed than clinically needed, medication misuse, where medications are incorrectly prescribed or medication underuse, where needed medications are not prescribed.

In this study, the Trigger Tool to Screen for Drug-Related Hospital Admissions in Older Personswill be applied to a sample of older patients admitted to hospital. Use of this validated screening tool will determine what medications have been inappropriately prescribed or omitted in older patients. Medical records of older patients will be examined retrospectively on admission to examine a number of patient-related, medication-related and environment-related factors to determine how they have affected drug-related admissions. In addition, the medical records will be examined at three days following admission and at discharge to identify what medication changes have been made in view of the drug-related admission. These medication changes will provide information about health professionals’ decision making during the older patients’ hospitalisation in view of the drug-related admissions.

Following completion of the study, recommendations will be made about identifying the older patients at risk of experiencing a drug-related hospital admission, and about the factors that influence this type of admission. The student will gain experience in literature searching, writing a literature review, examining diverse data sources from medical records, analysing data using statistical calculations, constructing a research thesis, and writing for publication. During the course of study, the student will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of three supervisors comprising Professor Elizabeth Manias, Professor Andrea Maier and Dr. Rebecca Iseli.

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