Bioink development for cartilage tissue engineering

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Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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St Vincent's Hospital
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Dr Romane Blanchard Personal web page
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Dr Cathal O’Connell Personal web page

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A critical aspect of any bioprinting strategy is the ‘bioink’ used to carry the cells through the bioprinter. During or after the printing process, the bioink is typically crosslinked to form a bioscaffold which holds its structure and encourages 3D cell growth.

In this project, you will develop novel hydrogel formulations tailored to the bioprinting of stem cells for cartilage regeneration. This project will pay particular attention to the rheological (i.e. flow) performance of the hydrogels, the formation of core-shell structures, and in-situ monitoring of the crosslinking reaction. Study of stem cell development within printed structures may also be required, and so cell culture experience will be looked on favourably.

Suited to students with a background in biomedical engineering, biomedical science or similar.

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Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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St Vincent's Hospital

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