Analysing the mutations in calcitonin receptor (CTR) mRNA transcripts, and identifying the isoforms and polymorphisms of CTR expressed in high grade glioma cell lines from glioblastoma

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Our group was the first to publish on the expression of CTR in the deadly brain tumour glioblastoma [1] and about 70% of patients express CTR mRNA transcripts. Common isoforms of CTR, CTRa (insert negative) and CTRb (insert-positive) have been identified and we have developed several distinct antibodies that allow identification of the different proteins of both isoforms. High grade glioma cell lines (HGG) isolated from patient tumours represent glioma stem cells and express CTR [2]. CTR has recently been described as a tumour suppressor [3] suggesting mutational inactivation of the ligand binding domain is expected to play a lead role in tumour ontogeny. Knockdown studies of CTR have provided some evidence for a role as an oncogene [3]. Pharmacological assays with established ligands have demonstrated a negative response in three out of four HGG cell lines. Furthermore a common Leu→Pro polymorphism within the carboxyl domain will be characterised in relation to the impact of other mutations determined by sequence analysis of non-coding regions and the open reading frame. Confirmation of the relative abundance of the polymorphism, CTRa versus CTRb mRNA (sequencing and qPCR) will be determined and protein expression assayed using immunoblots and unique antibodies developed in house. These data will test the hypothesis that CTR acts as a tumour suppressor.

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