An antibody (mAb2E1) that detects a novel, high molecular weight surrogate ligand of calcitonin receptor is detected in malignant glioma cells, developing brain and bone, and an osteosarcoma cell line

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PhD students
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Austin Health
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Dr Peter J Wookey +3 9496 3584 Personal web page
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Prof David Hare Personal web page

Summary An antibody was developed that binds high molecular weight targets (HMWT) with similar properties to the natural ligands of the calcitonin receptor (CTR).

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A similar HMWT has recently been described as a surrogate ligand of CTR that promotes quiescence of skeletal muscle satellite (stem) cells via activation of the NOTCH-COLLAGEN V-CTR axis. The detected HMWTs are found expressed by malignant cells of brain tumours and cell lines. The biochemical identification of this HMWT is a current objective. Understanding the role of this HMWT is likely to contribute to our understanding of endocrine-like tumours and foetal development.

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