AMPK regulation of cholesterol metabolism

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Medicine and Radiology
St Vincent's Hospital
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Imbalance of cholesterol metabolism may contribute to the development of metabolism diseases such as hypercholesterolemia, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It has been shown that AMPK phosphorylates HMG-CoA reductase (HMGR) on Ser 871 and inhibits the mevalonate pathway important for cholesterol synthesis.

Although early studies have shown that AMPK may play a role in cholesterol metabolism; in vivo evidence supporting this notion remains lacking.

Using HMGR S871A knock-in mice generated in the lab, this project aims to evaluate the impact of blocking AMPK-HMGR signaling on cholesterol, fat and glucose metabolism. This research will not only help to get more mechanistic insights into the etiology of metabolic diseases, but also contribute to the precise understanding of AMPK-HMGR signaling in the regulation of cholesterol, fat and glucose metabolism.

This project is conducted in St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit.

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Medicine and Radiology

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