Accuracy of documentation during neonatal resuscitation: comparison of different live-documentation tools.

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Dr PhD Marta Thio 83453763
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Dr PhD Omar Kamlin 83453763

Summary During newborn resuscitation, accurate documentation of the timing of interventions is essential for quality improvement research and legal purposes. However, it is still mostly done paper-based, handwritten, often retrospective, and not formally detailed. This study will prospectively explore different documentation methods: a tablet app, the current resuscitation narrator tool from the electronic medical record (EMR) and/or paper documentation; all of them compared to a gold standard (videorecording of the resuscitation events).

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Around one in ten newborns require some interventions at birth, which mainly include supporting baby’s breathing and blood circulation, performed quickly and in an orderly fashion. Accurate documentation of the timing of interventions is essential both for research and for quality improvement. Although electronic records have replaced paper records in many facets of healthcare, documentation during emergency situations, such as neonatal resuscitation, remains paper-based, handwritten, often retrospective, and not formally detailed. It is known that each of these limitations can lead to the sequence of events not being reliably recorded.

This is a prospective cohort study with the aim of comparing a smartphone App-based documentation with the current EMR resuscitation narrator and/or conventional paper-based documentation. To compare the accuracy of these documentation methods, we will use videorecordings of the resuscitation interventions as a gold standard.

We aim to 75-80 newborn resuscitations in the study period, during office hours.

The student will have the opportunity to attend all risk births were newborn resuscitation is anticipated. During downtime, the student will be able to spend time in NICU and join the junior medical staff's education sessions.

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