A global approach to combat keratoconus

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Surgery, Ophthalmology, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
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Prof Paul Baird
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Dr Srujana Sahebjada Srujana.sahebjada@unimelb.edu.au Personal web page

Project Details

Keratoconus is a common condition that affects the cornea and despite its increasing prevalence, the cause of keratoconus is largely unknown. Research centres across the world have individually collected cohorts of patients with keratoconus to better understand the underlying molecular causes, clinical characteristics and treatment options of keratoconus in order to develop strategies that can halt the disease progression. However, these approaches have so far been piecemeal. So, we established a global collaborative keratoconus initiative, the Keratoconus International Consortium (KIC). KIC is an overarching vehicle that consolidates all research within the field and generates collaborative opportunities to address key issues faced by keratoconus patients. The project involves collection of large datasets from the consortium, database maintenance and an exciting opportunity to conduct big data analysis and manuscript writing.

Students with backgrounds in computer science and database software’s, statistics or optometry and visual science are welcome to apply.

This project is conducted in Centre for Eye Research Australia, Ocular Genetics Unit.

Research Opportunities

PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
Students who are interested in joining this project will need to consider their elegibility as well as other requirements before contacting the supervisor of this research

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Surgery, Ophthalmology, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

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