Integrated Critical Medicine

Research in Critical Medicine integrates the cross-cutting disciplines of emergency medicine, anaesthesia and intensive care to influence policy and practice for improved safety, quality, and cost effectiveness of caring for the critically ill.

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Projects Supervisor(s) Department Research Opportunity
A parallel group, blinded, placebo controlled, ranDomised pRagmatic clinical trial investigating the Effect of temazepAM on objective and subjective measures of sleep in critically ill patients (The DREAM trial) Adam Deane Medicine Masters by Research
COVID-19 and the common cold: does pre-existing immunity to seasonally circulating coronaviruses influence the severity of COVID-19 Siddhartha Mahanty Medicine Masters by Research
Genomics of asthma mortality due to thunderstorm asthma Jo Douglass Medicine PhD students, Honours students
Investigating the effects of GM-CSF and M-CSF derived human macrophages on phagocytosing P. falciparum infected erythrocytes and cytokine production Adrian Achuthan Medicine PhD students, Masters by Research
Monocytes in COVID-19: the great influencer of disease severity? Siddhartha Mahanty Medicine Masters by Research