Principles of Peripheral Nerve Myelination

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
Anatomy and Neuroscience
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Dr Simon Murray +61 3 8344 5813 Personal web page

Summary In this project, we are interested in analysing the timing and extent of Schwann cell proliferation and migration, their mode of migration, how myelin responds to the lengthening peripheral nerve, and the generation and maintenance of myelin lipids.

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The generation of myelin has been a key evolutionary acquisition. Its composition is unique, having an extremely high lipid content, and has been effective in enabling rapid and efficient nerve conduction, in supporting neuronal survival, and as a source of plasticity in neural circuits – all critical elements required for the development of large, complex nervous systems. Despite this, fundamental aspects concerning the normal development of a myelinated peripheral nervous system remain to be elucidated.

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Biomedical Neuroscience, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Therapeutics & Translation

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Anatomy and Neuroscience

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