Investigating mechanisms of protein trafficking to human mitochondria

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute
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Dr Diana Stojanovski 93053197

Summary This project will encompass a variety of cell and molecular biology techniques, including cell culture, confocal microscopy, Blue-native PAGE electrophoresis, protein chemistry and proteomics.

Project Details

Mitochondria cannot be created de novo and pre-existing mitochondria are used as templates for mitochondrial biogenesis. This genesis requires the ~1500 different mitochondrial proteins to be imported into the organelle via dynamic translocation machines. Our understanding of protein import and import machineries in higher eukaryotes remains poor. Our lab is leading the way in this research area identifying novel research components and mechanisms (see references below).

Our lab mission is to create new knowledge in mitochondrial biology so that we can improve understanding of the inner workings of the most fundamental unit in life, the cell.

Molecular Cell (2017)67: 457-470. “AGK, a mitochondrial kinase associated with Senger’s syndrome, is a subunit of the human TIM22 complex.” Kang K., Stroud DA., Baker MJ., De Souza D., Frazier AE., Liem M., Tull D., Mathivanan M., McConville MJ., Thorburn DR., Ryan MT., and Stojanovski D.

eLife (2016) 24: pii: e17463. “Tim29 is a novel subunit of the human TIM22 translocase and is involved in complex assembly and stability.” Kang Y., Baker MJ., Liem M., Louber J., McKenzie M., Atukorala I., Ang CS., Keerthikumar S., Mathivanan S., Stojanovski D.

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Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Systems Biology

Research Opportunities

PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Diana Stojanovski laboratory

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Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute

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