Genes underlying differentiation of enteric neuronal subtypes

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PhD students, Masters by Research, Honours students, Master of Biomedical Science, Post Doctor Researchers
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Anatomy and Neuroscience
Medical Building
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Dr Lincon Stamp Personal web page
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Summary This project aims to use RNA-sequencing to identify genes important for differentiation of several major enteric neuron subtypes. This is critical information for understanding intestinal function and future therapies.

Project Details

The adult enteric nervous system is made up of many different subtypes of enteric neurons, which perform different functions. The presence of each subtype of enteric neuron is crucial for gastrointestinal function, however, almost nothing is known about how they differentiate during development.


Dr Lincon Stamp, ARC DECRA Fellow

Dr Marlene Hao, ARC DECRA Fellow

Ms Annette Bergner, Senior Research Assistant

Yvette Wilson, Research Assistant


Professor Christine Wells, University of Melbourne

Research Outcomes

Hao MM, Foong JP, Bornstein JC, Li ZL, Vanden Berghe P, Boesmans W. Enteric nervous system assembly: Functional integration within the developing gut. Dev Biol. 2016; 417:168-81.

Hao MM, Young HM. Development of enteric neuron diversity. J Cell Mol Med. 2009; 13:1193-210.

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Biomedical Neuroscience, Stem Cells

Research Opportunities

PhD students, Masters by Research, Honours students, Master of Biomedical Science, Post Doctor Researchers
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Department / Centre

Anatomy and Neuroscience

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Stamp & Hao laboratory: Development of the enteric nervous system

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Medical Building

MDHS Research library
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