Genomics Platform group

Genomics Platform group

Led by:
Associate Professor Oliver Hofmann,

With a growing need for data management, analysis and research computing support – in particular due to the unprecedented growth of sequencing data – researchers and clinicians will benefit from community-driven, reusable approaches to process, analyse and aggregate large-scale sequencing data.

Oliver's group is working on improved scalability and reliability of sequencing workflows, better detection of changes in cancer genomes, and aims to make tumour data, especially molecular data, from medical institutions and other organisations, accessible for research use in real time.

Oliver's group has developed a best-practice workflow system, bcbio-nextgen, to fully automate high throughput sequencing analysis and continues to apply it to research-based and clinical sequencing. They reuse existing software and solutions wherever possible to minimise redundant method development. The team  is working with the GA4GH’s Common Workflow Language team to ensure workflows can be made available on any workflow engine, whether commercial (SevenBridges, CuroVerse, DNANexus, Genomics England) or academic (Toil, Galaxy). They are also working in partnership with the Australian Genomic Health Alliance to make their work widely available to the Australian scientific community.

Oliver's team continues to work with the Genome in a Bottle consortium, the ICGC/TCGA DREAM Challenge Team and collaborators at AstraZeneca to improve our detection and validation approaches, and coordinate with the Cancer Gene Trust working group to develop data dissemination methods.