MHIX Seminar Series 2020

The Data Analytics Research and Evaluation (DARE) Centre: Early Output

Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, AO, MBBS, MD, PhD, FRACP, FAAHMS

The Data Analytics Research and Evaluation (DARE) Centre was created as a collaboration between Melbourne University and The Austin Hospital in early 2018. It started operating in May. Its aims are to leverage the CERNER-based data warehouse to undertake data analytics in a tertiary hospital and to do practice evaluation and and research using the data available in the warehouse.DARE has created a framework for research and has involved/is involving medical students and IT/data science students, a PhD student and Austin medical and allied health staff members in research, as well producing several peer-reviewed publications in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Anaesthesia, Oncology, Endocrinology and service delivery. Its structure and performance may be of interest to other tertiary and academic institutions who wish to perform data analytics-based work.

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