Finding solutions to prevent, treat and cure infectious diseases and understanding the complexities of microbes and the immune system requires innovative approaches and concentrated effort. This is why the University of Melbourne – a world leader in education, teaching and research excellence – and the Royal Melbourne Hospital – an internationally renowned institution providing outstanding care, research and learning – partnered to create the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institute); a centre of excellence where leading scientists and clinicians collaborate to improve human health globally.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Biomedical Precinct, the Doherty Institute is named in honour of Patron, Laureate Professor Peter Doherty, winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering how the immune system recognises virus-infected cells. Under the expert guidance of Director, University of Melbourne Professor Sharon Lewin, a leader in research and clinical management of HIV and infectious diseases, the Doherty Institute has more than 700 staff who work on infection and immunity through a broad spectrum of activities. This includes discovery research; diagnosis, surveillance and investigation of infectious disease outbreaks; and the development of ways to prevent, treat and cure infectious diseases.

The Doherty Institute comprises of units from both the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne, including several departments of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences.

The Doherty Department is led by Professor Lewin and supports cross-Institute and multi-disciplinary research in translational, clinical and public health research in infectious diseases.

In particular, the Doherty Department works across antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections, epidemiology, genomics, global health, Indigenous health, public health, translational and clinical research and viral infectious diseases.

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology is also located at the Doherty Institute, as well as research groups from the Department of Medicine who work in infectious diseases, including malaria, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, global health, maternal and child health and antimicrobial utilisation.

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