The Centre for Youth Mental Health's digital mental health group is part of Orygen Digital, the digital division of youth mental health organisation, Orygen. Orygen Digital harnesses the latest tools and knowledge from clinical psychology, computer science, computational technology and user experience design to develop youth mental health solutions that work.


Orygen Digital is dedicated to meaningfully and lastingly improving the lives of all young people with mental-ill health and their families.

We believe that all young people and families have the right to effective mental health care, without limits.

This requires new methods and ways of working that harness technology, science and creativity to transform youth mental health care as we know it.

Youth and family led innovation

We work alongside young people and their families to design and deliver technology-based mental health care that is loved by those who use it.

True multidisciplinary collaboration

Our in-house innovation laboratory blends diverse talent from 14 different disciplines across creative, computational, clinical and research domains, to arrive at completely novel digital solutions to old problems in youth mental health care.

Digitally enhanced clinical services

We partner with youth mental health services to fully merge our effective and innovative technologies, creating new models of service delivery that directly address the major limitations of current models of care.

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