PhD level

The Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre welcomes applications for our highly competitive PhD program.

Our PhD students undertake research on a wide range of topics in Health Informatics.PhDs in Health Informatics may be enrolled through either the School of Medicine or the School of Engineering & IT, depending on their academic background and interests. As a PhD student in Health Informatics you have access to supervisors, advisors and student researchers across both Schools, as well as our profession and industry networks.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy
  2. Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering and IT)

If you are interested to pursue PhD research opportunities

  1. First review your eligibility and general information, at Future Students website.
  2. Make an individual approach to a prospective supervisor. You may find supervisors in your Health Informatics field of interest by searching for related keywords in Find an Expert.

Prospective PhD supervisors initially need to see a current CV and a short indicative proposal, to help them decide whether they can support your interest in applying to do a PhD.