Health Informatics (including eHealth) is a transformational force in health around the world, and relies increasingly on new kinds of knowledge required by all of the health professions as well as on a specialised professional workforce.

Our training goal

A goal of the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health is to improve the understanding and use of Health and Biomedical Informatics (HBI) in health care, public health and biomedical science. We have  developed a range of programs in eHealth and Biomedical Informatics that will open up pathways for students and health professionals to work effectively with ehealth and biomedical informatics in health profession careers.  There is a growing demand for specialised health IT professionals, but a shortage of skilled practitioners in Australia and internationally. The Centre also aims to provide educational activities at the professional-entry level, including in health and the information professions, as detailed in our curriculum.

Given our strong ties with the community, we are also taking leading roles in developing and supporting certification pathways for HBI professionals. This also links with potential research opportunities in redefining health professional roles and restructuring the health workforce.