Removing financial barriers for medical students: celebrating the 100th Ron Rosanove Award

On the 15th May, Dr Ron Rosanove (BSc 1949, MBBS 1953) and his family returned to campus for a special celebratory event to present the 100th Ron Rosanove Award to a number of the 2023 recipients.

The Ron Rosanove Award provides financial support to 10 medical students each year who are experiencing financial difficulties or other hardships that may prevent them from continuing, or dedicating themselves fully to their studies.

Professor Nicola Lautenschlager, Head of the Melbourne Medical School and Professor Anna Ryan, Head of the Department of Medical Education welcomed the Ron Rosanove and his family and other guests to the celebration.

A number of past and current Ron Rosanove Award recipients joined for the event, greatly enjoying the opportunity to hear from Ron about his studies and career and the great satisfaction he has gained from assisting the next generation of medical students to thrive without financial barriers.

Dr Rosanove and his family established the Ron Rosanove Award in 2014 through a generous donation to the Melbourne Medical School, recognising the importance receiving a Commonwealth Scholarship made during his own studies.

Ron initially completed a Science degree at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Botany, before completing his medical degree.

Soon after, he boarded a ship to the US where he interned at the Ellis Hospital in New York. He spent seven years in the US including a three-year Fellowship in Dermatology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. During this time, he met his wife Elizabeth and they returned together to Melbourne. Ron established a career as a highly respected dermatologist, and Elizabeth worked at the Dandenong Hospital as a Social Worker.

Dr Ron and Elizabeth Rosanove

In celebration of the family’s extraordinary generosity and the 100th Ron Rosanove Award recipient being made in 2023, the University was honoured to gift Dr Rosanove and his family a commemorative tree on campus – a rare Magnolia yuyuanensis – that has been planted in Deakin Court.

Dr Ron Rosanove watering a tree

The University and the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is most grateful to the Rosanove family, whose scholarship has touched the lives of so many students and will continue to benefit generations of medical students in the years the come.

Dr Ron Rosanove and medical student scholarship recipients

The below quotes from a selection of the 2023 Ron Rosanove Award recipients highlight the tremendous impact the support of scholarships plays for students:

“This scholarship will be a blessing and help me to complete my degree by providing me with the support I need to thrive.”

“Your investment into my education has not only benefitted me but will extend to the patients I will serve in the future. I am humbled by your generosity, and I plan to pay that forward as I progress throughout my career.”

“With your support, I am now one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a competent and caring doctor. Your kind gesture has inspired me to work harder and make the most of the opportunities that come my way.”

“I have been struggling to maintain a source of income to support my lifestyle, and your scholarship has come as a lifeline. With your help, I can now continue my studies without financial stress and pursue my elective term in Townsville.”

“It is because of kind and supportive individuals like you that students like me can achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the world. I promise to work hard, give my best, and make the most of this opportunity. Your kindness and support are greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.”