Recognition for leading University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital endocrinologists

On Monday 28 October Professor David O’Neal, Department of Medicine – St Vincent’s Hospital (SVH), received the Outstanding Contribution Award 2019 at the Diabetes Victoria AGM. The award recognises his substantial and meaningful contribution to improving the lives of Victorians affected by, or at risk of, diabetes.

Diabetes Victoria President Glen Noonan, Professor David O’Neal and Diabetes Victoria CEO Craig Bennett at the Diabetes Victoria AGM

Professor O’Neal is an expert in the field of diabetes and technology, and leads studies with significant national and international collaborations involving clinicians, academics and industry. He is a senior endocrinologist with SVH Melbourne and Clinical Director of Internal Medicine, Subacute and Palliative Care Services at Mercy Public Hospitals.

The Diabetes Technology Research Group based at Department of Medicine – St Vincent’s Hospital, led by Professor O'Neal

Further, two SVH Melbourne consultant endocrinologists, who hold joint appointments with the University, were honoured at the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney in August 2019.

Professor Alicia Jenkins at the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) Annual Scientific Meeting

Professor Alicia Jenkins was presented with ADS’s most prestigious accolade, the Kellion Award, and delivered the Kellion Lecture, ‘Diabetes: then, now and next’. The award is presented to an Australian who has made an outstanding contribution in diabetes research, clinical or service areas. Professor Jenkins was recognised for her years of dedication, research and clinical practice, with a focus on Type 1 and 2 diabetes and their associated microvascular and macrovascular complications.

“Our goal is to reduce the burden of diabetes on people with this common condition, on the healthcare system and society”, says Professor Jenkins. “Diabetes is becoming more common, but thanks to research and the translation of relevant results into clinical practice we now have many great tests and treatments to prevent diabetes and protect against its potential complications.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Associate Professor Glenn Ward for his lasting contributions, leadership and mentorship in diabetes research and clinical practice. Associate Professor Ward holds several appointments at SVH including Clinical Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry, Head of the Diabetes Services, and Deputy Director of the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, and is an associate professor at the University's Department of Pathology.

Associate Professor Glenn Ward at the Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) Annual Scientific Meeting