Re-Translate Symposium explores antimicrobial resistance

The latest instalment of Re-Translate: Symposia in Translational Science, Episode III: Infection & Immunity, brought together some of the Faculty's best researchers and clinicians to discuss potential solutions and the challenges presented by this urgent global health threat.

Re-Translate Symposia are annual events presented by the Melbourne Medical School Student Ambassadors and organised by their Flagship Event team, this year led by incoming President of the Student Ambassador Program, Nicolas Soputro.

Each year a different topic in medicine is explored. Previous episodes in the symposia series covered neuroscience and cancer.

Held on 6 September at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, the symposium featured inaugural Director of the Institute, Professor Sharon Lewin; Doherty researchers, Professors Benjamin Howden and Jodie McVernon; Stevenson Chair of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne, Professor Cheryl Jones; and Deputy Director, Department of Infectious Diseases at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Professor Karin Thursky.

Each of these speakers were then involved in a panel discussion chaired by Melbourne Health CEO, Professor Christine Kilpatrick.

With the rise of globalisation and a world population pushing 7.5 billion, antimicrobial resistance has become an increasingly prevalent issue.

The WHO state that antimicrobial resistance is 'one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today'.

It has the potential to impact all living things and requires a coordinated cross-disciplinary response around the world.

Medical School Student Ambassadors with speakers at Episode III of the Retranslate Symposia

Speakers at the symposium covered the issue of antimicrobial resistance from various angles – public health and epidemiology, tracking resistant pathogens using genomics, hospital and health service administration challenges, and addressing the threat posed now and into the future through antimicrobial stewardship.

When pieced together, these perspectives tell a greater story of the significance of this complex global health problem.

To read about Episode III of the Retranslate Symposia in more detail, click this link for a summary of the event written by incoming Vice President of the Student Ambassador Program, Evan McRobb.

Re-Translate - Episode III Photos