Professor Geoff McColl appointed as Chair of the Australian Medical Council’s Medical School Accreditation Committee

Professor Geoff McColl, Head of the Melbourne Medical School and Professor of Medical Education and Training, has been announced as the new Chair of the Medical School Accreditation Committee (MedSAC) and Director at the Australian Medical Council (AMC) – an independent national standards body for medical education and training.

Professor Geoff McColl

In this new role Professor McColl hopes to influence the quality of the medical workforce by making stronger connections between universities, vocational training colleges, health services and postgraduate medical councils.

“The opportunities for connecting the outcomes of medical education and training across the continuum from entry to practice courses, prevocational and vocational training and continuing professional development are unparalleled at this time.  This new role will provide me with a voice in influencing this critical debate,” said Professor McColl.

President of the AMC, Associate Professor Jill Sewell, said: “Not only is Professor McColl highly qualified, experienced, and a wise thinker but he is very familiar with AMC processes and will make a strong contribution to the work of the AMC and as a Director of the AMC. Professor McColl has strong leadership abilities that bring out the best in teams and we look forward to welcoming Geoff to his new roles with the AMC.”

In addition to his role as Head of the Melbourne Medical School, Professor McColl continues to practise as a visiting rheumatologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and serves on a number of committees guiding the development of the medical workforce and health of the community.