New MDHS publication highlights 20 years of preventing family violence

The University of Melbourne Research Alliance to End Violence Against Women and their Children (MAEVe) is at the forefront of research and education for family violence prevention and response.

Ending violence against women and their childrenA new publication provides a snapshot of the world-leading interdisciplinary research that exists across the MAEVe network and highlights how they are strengthening the evidence base required to design and implement new interventions to prevent and respond to family violence.

Co-Chaired by Professor Kelsey Hegarty (Department of General Practice) and Professor Cathy Humphreys (Department of Social Work) MAEVe draws together over 50 gender-based violence experts from health, social work, population health, criminology, law, education, arts and humanities from across the university. Their methodological expertise is equally diverse with specialists in big data analysis, surveys, focus groups, evaluation, action research and co-design.

Professor Jane Gunn, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences says MAEVe benefits from strong partnerships across the University as well as a remarkable collection of hospitals, research institutes, community groups and government organisations.

“I commend, the MAEVe team on their accomplishments and look forward to seeing the positive change experienced by individuals and communities as a result of the work being undertaken” she said.

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