Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics still open

Our Melbourne Teaching Health Clinics (MTHC), which provide affordable patient access to high quality comprehensive primary health care, remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that patients who need care or treatment do not delay as to avoid any longer term negative health impacts.

Please find the latest information on some of the clinics that continue to serve the community during this time below.

Melbourne Dental Clinic

The Melbourne Dental Clinic (MDC) is considered an essential service and is currently open and providing treatment to manage urgent and emergency dental care in line with Australian Dental Association Level 3 restrictions. The clinic will manage conditions that cause significant pain, infection or impact on the health and wellbeing for both staff and students. Patients who need urgent dental care are advised to make an appointment now, rather than delay treatment.

Conditions deemed appropriate:

  • Significant dental pain, usually affecting sleep
  • Localised infection (e.g. dental abscess, acute infection)
  • Tooth fracture involving the nerve
  • Significant dental trauma
  • Medically necessary dental treatment (e.g. prior to necessary medical/surgical procedures)

More on what can be considered urgent care is available here. Enquiries can also be made via 9035 8402.

The following strategies have been introduced for urgent dental care and in consideration of COVID-19:

  • Social and physical distancing is a key focus for patients and staff including distance markers on the floors
  • Phone triaging process have been implemented as well as a screening written questionnaire
  • Hand sanitisers have been  strategically positioned around the Clinic
  • Pre-treatment mouthwash for all patients mandated in order to reduce the bacterial load
  • Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces has commenced
  • Scaled back staff rostering to help with social distancing is currently actively observed

There are currently no student based services.

Shepparton Medical Centre

The Shepparton Medical Centre is open and has initiated innovative strategies and procedures to continue to provide care for the community, including video consultations and a ‘drive thru’ flu clinic.

The following strategies have been implemented:

  • Social/physical distancing in the waiting area and consulting rooms are now mandatory
  • Additional layers added to the phone triage
  • A screening station at the front door with temperature and symptom checks have been introduced to keep the environment as safe as possible
  • A glass screen has been constructed at the front desk to protect the reception staff
  • A ‘drive thru’ flu clinic for 18+ who have had a flu vaccine before (allergies known), delivered in collaboration with City of Greater Shepparton (providing traffic control)
  • A COVID-19 swabbing and assessment service of symptomatic patients has been implemented outside the building
  • Consultations are being delivered by telephone and video consultation for the first time
  • The Aged Care routine visits are now being delivered by video consultation

Melbourne Eyecare Clinic

Melbourne Eyecare Clinic remains open as an essential service and is following Department of Health and government guidance regarding COVID-19 and limiting our appointments to urgent care only. Urgent care conditions include eye injuries or may involve symptoms such as recent onset change in vision, red or sore eyes, new onset floaters, shadows or bright flashes in your vision. A broken pair of glasses may also be considered an urgent issue if you have no other functional pairs. Routine non-urgent eye examinations are being deferred when safe to do so.

Examinations are by appointment only. Optometrists are triaging and using clinical judgement to determine when examinations are necessary and when they can be safely postponed. If you have any questions or would like to discuss an appointment, please call 9035 6666 or visit their website.