MDHS celebrates learning and teaching excellence

At our annual Learning and Teaching Symposium on Wednesday 25 September, the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) named the 2019 winners of the Awards and Dean's Fellowships for Learning and Teaching Excellence.

The symposium aims to stimulate new connections, ideas and developments in learning and teaching across the Faculty, and this year focused on the student experience, interprofessional learning and Indigenous health teaching.

(L-R standing) Professor Allison McKendrick, Dr Angelina Fong, Professor Shitij Kapur, Dr Enes Makalic, Dr Snezana Kusljic, Professor Terry Nolan, Professor Barbara McPake, Dr Alison Morgan, Prarthna Dayal, Katherine Gilbert; (L-R seated) Professor Fabienne Mackay, Professor Marilys Guillemin, Dr Helen Jordan and Professor Peter Annear

The recipients of each of the Awards and Dean's Fellowships are listed below.

Award for Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching

  • Dr Snezana Kusljic (Melbourne School of Health Sciences) for: Rising to the challenge of teaching bioscience subjects to current and future health professionals.

Award for Learning and Teaching Achievement

  • Dr Angelina Fong (School of Biomedical Sciences) for: Practical teaching re-imagined: Training and developing skills for life beyond the lab and university.
  • Dr Enes Makalic (Melbourne School of Population and Global Health) for: An effective, motivating and personally relevant methodology of teaching foundational biostatistics to multi-disciplinary students from diverse backgrounds.

Award for Program Innovation

  • Dr Alison Morgan, Prarthna Dayal, Professor Peter Annear, Dr Krishna Hort, Dr Matthew Reeve, Katherine Gilbert, Professor Ajay Mahal and Professor Barbara McPake (Nossal Institute for Global Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health) for: Blended learning to build health systems across 70 countries: The UNICEF Nossal Health Systems Strengthening Course.

Dean’s Fellowships for Learning and Teaching Excellence

  • Dr Helen Jordan (Melbourne School of Population and Global Health). Helen’s Fellowship will focus on the development of collaborative international case studies to facilitate the practices of comparative health policy and health systems.
  • Betina Przybylak (Melbourne School of Health Sciences). Betina’s fellowship is centred on student wellbeing and examining the effectiveness of wellbeing education.

The Faculty congratulates all of the recipients and thanks all who applied for the Awards and Dean's Fellowships.

Photos taken during the symposium can be accessed below.