ABC Documentary Series "Man Up" Airing Tuesday October 11


A new three part documentary series on the mental health of Australian men, developed in collaboration with the Centre for Mental Health, will air tonight on ABC TV at 8:30pm.

‘Man Up’ follows Gus Worland, co-host of the Sydney Triple M Grill team, through his exploration of masculinity, mental health, and what it means to be a man in Australian society. Professor Jane Pirkis, Dr Kylie King and Dr Marisa Schlichthorst from CMH worked with Sydney’s Heiress Films on the Man Up series, in a project funded by Movember.

“We know from our work on the Ten to Men project, which examined the health and lifestyles of Australian boys and men, that some of the characteristics associated with traditional notions of masculinity may not always be great for men’s mental health and wellbeing.” Says Professor Pirkis.

“Being stoic and self-reliant can be adaptive in lots of situations, but it has also been shown to reduce the likelihood that men will talk to their mates or a professional if they are facing tough times.”

Professor Pirkis and her team evaluated ‘Man Up’ in a randomized controlled trial involving over 350 men. They found that it had a significant impact on male viewers’ understanding of masculinity and help-seeking behaviour.

“Those who watched the documentary showed increases in their likelihood of seeking help themselves or advising a friend to do so,” says Professor Pirkis. “These viewers also showed a decrease in their agreement with statements associated with traditional masculine norms.”

‘Man Up’ will be shown on ABC TV on three consecutive Tuesdays in October, beginning Tuesday 11 October at 8.30pm.  

More information is available on the ABC TV website, and on the Man Up website.