Congrats to ARC Linkage Project recipients


The Australian Research Council has just announced the latest round of ARC Linkage Project funding. Linkage Projects provide vital opportunities to pursue investigations which deepen partner and collaborator engagement, generate mutual benefits and extend the impact of research.

The Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences would like to congratulate the following lead chief investigators and their project teams on the success of their Linkage applications:

Dr Christine Nguyen

Melbourne School of Health Sciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences with AstraZeneca Research and Development and Biogen

This project aims to develop a multi-modal imaging technology platform to simultaneously measure amyloid beta and its neurovascular sequelae to identify novel early biomarkers of ageing in the eye and brain. Anticipated outcomes are a sensitive detector of neural ageing, improved preventative measures, reducing the socioeconomic burden of ageing, and improved quality of life.
ARC awarded funding: $280,000

Professor Alastair Stewart

School of Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacology and Therapeutics with CSL Limited and Alfred Health

This project aims to develop field-leading microchip technology, including the ability to measure contraction of micro-tissues on a chip. Micro-chip technology is in its infancy for use in drug discovery. However, interest in development and applications in Pharma and Biotech industries is immense. Successful development of the drug discovery micro-fluidics chip is expected to improve efficiency, reduce the costs and the use of experimental animals.
ARC awarded funding: $552,000

The University was number one nationally for ARC Linkage Project funding outcomes, with 32 successful projects totalling more than $11 million.

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