Dr. Catherine Granger | Top 5 Scientists

Dr. Catherine Granger - Royal Melbourne Hospital and a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne named one of ABC's the "Top 5 scientists for 2018"

ABC's nationwide search has named Dr. Granger one of the "Top 5 scientists for 2018" for her research focused on the role of physical activity and exercise for people diagnosed with cancer.

Specifically she is looking at the ways in which being physically active can improve many important outcomes for people with cancer, such as quality of life and daily functioning, as well as how we can change the models of care within the health system to ensure people with cancer receive physical activity advice or treatment.

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For the first time ever, all five scientists receiving this recognition are women and in ABC's words are "ambassadors for their fields and role models for future scientists"

Dr Catherine Granger is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy, The University of Melbourne. She is also the Head of Physiotherapy Research and Chair of the Allied Health Research and Quality Committee at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.