Mini Safety Expo at MDHS a resounding success

The Infrastructure and Facilities (IF) team at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences held a highly successful Mini Safety Expo as part of October’s Work Safe Month.

The event helped raise awareness of the importance of OH&S and showcased various safety suppliers and products relevant to the Faculty with the aim of making the workplace a safer place.

Supplier Back Care & Seating gave away free ergonomic chairs during a contest where participants were challenged to guess the height of a sit-stand desk. The first three individuals who successfully completed this challenge were rewarded with their very own ergonomic chair.

The interactive nature of the event meant attendees were able to learn important lessons about OH&S while also having the chance to win prizes and partake in fun activities. A wide range of prizes were on offer for participating in the activities, including lolly bags and various vouchers.

The IF team did an excellent job of holding a fun and insightful Expo that got staff thinking about health and safety in the workplace and beyond. Thank you to the wider Faculty members who attended. As safety continues to be a priority in the workplace, the IF team looks forward to organising more events that are informative, interactive and enjoyable.

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See below some of the activities and competitions held at the Expo.

In this competition, participants were challenged to guess the height of a sit-stand desk, and if their guess fell within 5 cm of the correct height, they were granted an opportunity to putt a golf ball into a hole. The first three competitors to successfully complete the challenge won an ergonomic chair.

Participants in this challenge tested their chemical knowledge with common household products. They were tasked with matching the correct Global Harmonization System (GHS) symbol to the corresponding household product.

Aerosols are liquid and solid particles suspended in the air. These particles may be inhaled or absorbed by the skin and sometimes cause adverse health effects for workers. For this activity, participants had shaving foam placed on their gloved hands and had to attempt to remove the gloves without flicking the foam around.

This safety wheel was divided into various segments, each representing a safety category.  Participants were asked to spin the wheel to select a category. Once the category is determined, participants are given three questions they had to answer. If all three answers were correct, they won a $5 Dr Dax Kitchen voucher.