Life Before Death – How we Live at the End of our Lives


Life Before Death – How we Live at the End of our Lives

Lecture Theatres
7th Floor, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Building
305 Grattan Street


Explore the possibilities of not if, or when, but how we die at this special dean’s lecture series seminar. Our panel of speakers will discuss how the process of dying can be humanised within the current medical model reflecting on their personal and professional experiences.

Held in collaboration with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre.


  • Ms Maxine Morand
    Ms Maxine Morand, Chair of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Board of Directors, Professorial Fellow at Monash University, Board Director at Inner East Health
  • Professor Brian Le
    Professor Brian Le, Palliative Care Physician
  • Professor Kelsey Hegarty
    Professor Kelsey Hegarty, General Practitioner and Royal Women's Hospital Chair in Family Violence Prevention
  • Mr Julian Gardner
    Mr Julian Gardner, Chair, Voluntary Assisted Dying Implementation Taskforce
  • Professor Steve Ellen
    Professor Steve Ellen, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, Director of the Psychosocial Oncology program and Cancer Experiences Research
  • Professor Jenny Philip
    Professor Jenny Philip, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Chair of Palliative Medicine
  •  BJ Miller
    BJ Miller, Palliative Care Physician