2018 Grimwade Medal Oration - Prof Randy Schekman, 2013 Nobel Laureate

Bio21 Molecular Science & Biotechnology Institute - Auditorium 30 Flemington Road Parkville VIC 3052

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"From Pond Scum to Stockholm"

Hear from this year's Grimwade Medallist2013 Nobel Laureate Prof Randy W Schekman, investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chair of the Advisory Council for the Aligning Science Across Parkinson's initiative, and a Professor at the University of California at Berkeley (USA).

Prof Schekman is a cell biologist whose ground-breaking research has uncovered how membrane proteins are transported in cells.

Prof Schekman will describe his journey from studying basic biological processes in yeast (pond scum) to the award of the Nobel Prize in 2013, and beyond.

Please note this is Prof Schekman's only appearance in Melbourne. He will also be speaking at ComBio2018 in Sydney.


Free event.  Refreshments provided.