Professor Erica Fletcher
Professor Erica Fletcher


It gives me great pleasure to invite you to our MDHS Graduate Research Conference 2022. The last two years have been immensely challenging for all undertaking research. Maintaining motivation, the sheer practicalities of undertaking research in isolation and the lack of opportunity to present at conferences to develop research networks are just some of the effects that this pandemic has imposed on us. The aim of this conference is to provide an opportunity for our Graduate Researchers to present their work, collaborate, network and bond. I hope this event allows us to celebrate the many achievements of our graduate researchers and also develop lasting networks. I look forward to seeing you all as active participants in this wonderful event. I would like to finish by sincerely thanking the executive team of graduate researchers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the successful running of this conference.

-Professor Erica Fletcher

Associate Dean Graduate Research MDHS

On behalf of the Conference Executive Committee, I sincerely welcome you to the MDHS Graduate Research Conference 2022! Graduate education and research are a key milestone for future leaders. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our academic experiences have become much more challenging than ever, to maintain momentum for academic achievements while also to protect social, physical and mental wellbeing. As your peers, I and my colleagues are eager to maximise opportunities for your engagement and success during and after this conference. Specifically, we embrace diverse academic areas, celebrate multidisciplinary knowledge and emphasise translational implications regarding diseases and their factors, involving basic science, clinical medicine and public health along the disease continuum. I truly hope you will find your positions as speakers, audience and even a part of conference organising groups. We, together, will show hard work in research, connect with peers and more senior scholars, and seek opportunities for our bright future.

-Jianrong Zhang, Chair of the MDHS Graduate Research Conference Executive Committee

with the Conference Executive Committee: Bree Jones, Jonathan Glenning, Ashley Firth, Alice Kim, and Sabrina Poon

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Jianrong Zhang

Participating Student Societies


The conference will be held at The University of Melbourne, Parkville.