Medical History Museum

Tour the Medical History Museum and view the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne: 150 years of caring exhibition which explores the roles of important individuals, turning points, and changing responses to community needs.

The hospital’s history—from its earliest days in a modest city house to its internationally recognised achievements on the extensive campus of today.  Importantly, the stories and expertise of the traditional owners are acknowledged, through artworks commissioned by the hospital for its 150th anniversary. Featuring highlights from items in the RCH archive and collections department and the AMA collection held in the Medical History Museum.
A highlight is a medical kit given by William Snowball the founder of paediatrics in Australia to Herbert Hewlett, the founder of radiology.

Time: 2.30pm-3.15pm
Location: Level 2, Brownless Biomedical Library (Building 182), behind the Medical Building on Grattan Street, University of Melbourne

Dr. Jacqueline Healy

Museum Host: Dr. Jacqueline Healy
Director, Museums
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Dr Jacqueline Healy BA(Hons), MBA, PhD is director, MDHS Faculty Museums, University of Melbourne. She was inaugural director of Bundoora Homestead (the public art gallery of the City of Darebin), director of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, and director of public programs at the National Gallery of Victoria.


Henry Forman Atkinson Dental Museum

Visit the Henry Forman Atkinson Dental Museum to be inspired by the intriguing history of dental health and development of the dental professions and dental education. It is the oldest and most significant dental collection in Australia.

At the centre of the museum is a display of a nineteenth-century dental surgery, featuring a large glass spittoon, ivory-handled dental instruments, elegant velvet-covered dental chair, and peddle-powered drill. A recent addition to the display is one of the first x-ray machines used in a dental practice in Australia dating from the 1920s.

Time: 2.30pm-3.15pm
Location: Ground Floor, Royal Dental Hospital, 720 Swanston St, Carlton

Dr. Jeremy Graham

Museum Host: Dr. Jeremy Graham
Committee member, Henry Forman Atkinson Museum
Senior Lecturer, Department of Dentistry and Oral Health, La Trobe University