Alumni-led Reunions

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences has an active and dedicated community of alumni reunion organisers who work hard to offer opportunities for their class groups to stay connected.

The following alumni-led reunions have been scheduled for 2022 and will take place alongside the faculty’s reunion activities on Saturday 19 November.

Contact the Reunion Organisers below to find out more.


Upcoming Reunions

MBBS Class of 1962
Wednesday 19 October, 11.45am for 12.30pm lunch
The Lyceum Club, Ridgway Place, Melbourne 
Contact: Ian Rechtman

MBBS Class of 1982
Thursday 10 November, 7.00pm-10.00pm
University House, Professor’s Walk, University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus
Reunion Organisers: Nicholas Gelber, Matthew Naughton, Arlene Murkies, Jeremy Ryan

MBBS Class of 1970
Saturday 19 November,  6.00pm-11.00pm
Metropolitan Golf Club, Golf Rd, Oakleigh South VIC 3167
Reunion Organisers: Ian Forbes, Rodney Pemberton, Barbara Breadon, Peter Sinclair, Bram Tiernan, Gavin Fabinyi
Contact: Gavin Fabinyi,

MBBS Class of 1972
Saturday 26 November, 6.30pm for 7.00pm dinner
Park Hyatt, 1 Parliament Square, Melbourne, VIC, 3002
Reunion Organiser/s: Chris Buckley, Lach De Crespigny, Jim Butler, Geoff Donnan and Jim Tatoulis
Contact: Prof. James Tatoulis,

Past Reunions

The following alumni-led reunions have already taken place.

class of 66
MBBS Class of 1966
Saturday 5 March 2022
Reunion Organisers: Stan O’Loughlin, Andrew Roberts

"The medical graduates of 1966 held a 55th-year reunion dinner at the MCG Longroom on March 5th, 2022, four months after our scheduled event in Nov 2021. Postponed then, because of ‘the plague’. Fifty graduates were present. Sadly a few had to cancel at the last minute due to illness. The evening was a great social success, and we all hope to continue our reunions, but with shorter intervals between."
- Stan O’Loughlin

1971 group photo
MBBS Class of 1971
Saturday 19 March 2022
Reunion Organiser: Associate Professor Elizabeth Dax

"The University of Melbourne’s 1971 Medical Graduates held a reunion dinner on 19th March 2022 to celebrate their 50 years since graduation.  Of the total Graduates in 1971 that numbered 134, 17 have died including one who died in the month following the reunion. Thus, most have reached their 75th birthdays.

It was a joyous event with much conversation and reminiscing.  There were two short but pertinent speeches containing reminiscences of the personalities we encountered while at the Medical School. Many expressed the hope of a 55th reunion in 2026.  Comparison is a wonderful thing because none of us looks as if they have aged since the last reunion, or, for that matter, since graduation!" - Elizabeth Dax

MBBS Class of 1960
Thursday 28 July 2022
Reunion Organiser: Warren Johnson

"The 62nd Reunion of the Medical Class of 1960 was a great success. It was over 3 years since our last lunch and 35 paid up for the occasion at the RACV City Club. Ongoing COVID concerns did prevent several guests from attending, which is unfortunate but understandable at our age! We continued the custom of having presentations from members, and this year Jenny Deacon and Tony Bothroyd spoke about their experiences in general practice, followed by Dick Smallwood who included his experiences as Chief Medical Officer. These were extremely well received. The food and wine were excellent and the organising committee were encouraged to continue these functions. As ever we thank the Faculty for its support in arranging it." - Warren Johnson

MBBS Class of 1981
Saturday 27 August 2022
Reunion Organiser: Tony Sellars


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