Ena Husaric

Ena is a fourth year Doctor of Medicine student and 2019 scholarship recipient.

Photo of Ena

These scholarships will help me pay back a loan I took in order to attend the World Health Assembly in Geneva, as one of 50 students chosen globally. I connected with inspirational people in global health and gained insight into global health governance. I also recently completed my MD Research Project in Osijek, Croatia, where the majority of my family lives. I have not spent longer than a month with them since the age of three, until this year.

Thank you again for this scholarship, it will allow me to focus on impending job applications and my final semester of study.

I was born in Bosnia in 1992 during the war. The country was unstable, and my parents made the difficult decision to move to New Zealand for safety. As a New Zealand citizen, I am ineligible for HECS or Centrelink in Australia, so I work part-time in a book shop to cover some costs and my parents are under great financial stress to support me.

Now in Melbourne, I am eager to return to clinical placement after five months of research. I am excited to graduate in December and begin my medical career. Soon, I hope to enter the paediatric training program.

– Ena, fourth year Doctor of Medicine student