The Impact of Giving: Cathleen Pho

When I learned I was the recipient of a dental scholarship, I felt immense relief about my academic and financial future.

I currently live at home with my parents and two sisters, where money is a frequent cause of stress and sacrifices are made to ensure ends meet every week.

In my third year of the Doctor of Dental Surgery, this scholarship helped me fund my travel, education and equipment costs.

I have been able to comfortably pay for my Myki fares, which have allowed me to travel to class and make extra trips to the library on weekends where I can access the university’s resources and facilities including textbooks, journals and quiet study spaces.

The scholarship has also enabled me to take advantage of extra clinical sessions held at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and the Melbourne Dental Clinic during the winter and summer breaks. These sessions were a fantastic opportunity for me to provide extra patient care to the community and improve my clinical skills.

Thanks to the scholarship, I have invested in dental equipment such as a pair of dental loupes and a headlight which have helped me achieve a higher quality of work and improve my ergonomics-a true benefit to me now and in the long run.

Not only has the scholarship assisted me financially, but it has also enabled me to make the most of my education, thereby setting me up well for my future career. I really appreciate the generosity that made this scholarship possible and I hope that one day I can give back to the community in the same way.

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