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Your reunion is a time to celebrate, reconnect, and reflect on both your time at university and the time since. It’s also a chance for your class to create a legacy.

Reunion Giving allows you to commemorate your reunion and harness the power of collective giving to support the next generation of doctors and medical professionals.

All funds raised will contribute to Melbourne Medical School bursaries or establish a new award or scholarship named after your class. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences will match your contributions dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.

In 2017, the Class of 1972 established the MBBS Class of 1972 Medical Student Scholarship through Reunion Giving. The inaugural recipient, Omar Salehi, commenced his Doctor of Medicine earlier this year. Read the story.

If you’re not celebrating a reunion this year but would like to support students, you can still give. Find out how.

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How your support makes a difference

Our students have all demonstrated the skill and tenacity to excel but some struggle to afford their education or are disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control.

My hearing impairment can impact my ability to hear subtle changes in sound, which is significant, for example, while listening through a stethoscope in a noisy environment. Fortunately there are devices, such as stethoscopes that amplify sound…thanks to the generosity of my scholarship I am thrilled that I can now afford this vital but expensive piece of equipment. Zia Sass, MMS bursary recipient

On top of course fees, expenses include textbooks, computers, equipment and general living costs. The cost of living is also rising – in Melbourne, accommodation alone can cost up to $25,000 per year depending on location. The heavy study load and demanding contact hours of a medical degree make it challenging for students to cover their expenses through part-time work.

In some cases, the financial burden disrupts students’ study experience, or forces them to abandon their studies altogether.

Every dollar counts

By harnessing the power of the group, collective giving allows your class to make a significant difference, no matter the size of each individual donation. Your contributions will support financially disadvantaged students, allowing them to pursue their studies free from financial stress.

The opportunity to study at the University of Melbourne meant I had to relocate and move out of my family home in Brisbane. This scholarship has eased my stress over living expenses like rent, helped me cover the cost of medical equipment and study materials, and afforded me the privilege of being able to fully immerse myself in medicine. Michael Wei, MDHS Scholarship (Medicine) recipient

The Reunion Giving program ran for the first time in 2017. Seven classes celebrating reunions participated, with 103 alumni making contributions. Altogether, these classes raised over $90,000.

We’ll match your gift dollar for dollar

Our Faculty will match your reunion gift dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 per annum. This matched funding will effectively double the impact of your donation.

Depending on the amount raised (including the matched Faculty contribution), the funds will be used as follows:

  • Up to $49,999: Contribution towards the MDHS Scholarship Fund – Melbourne Medical School Bursaries. A contribution to this fund increases the number of students the Melbourne Medical School can support each year.
  • $50,000 - $249,999: Student award named for your class. This could take the form of a scholarship, bursary, prize or exhibition.
  • $250,000+: Graduate scholarship named for your class, supporting current or enrolling MD students in financial need.

We will work with each class group to discuss your reunion gifts and where your class can make the biggest impact.

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Want to know more?

For more information on the Reunion Giving program or to personalise your gift, please contact:

Kate Grimme

Development Manager


T: 03 9035 4626

M: 0466 842 573

Sara Conyers

Development Manager


T:  03 8344 7522

M: 0438 096 105