Rural Medicine: Drs. Ed and Kylie Siauw

Both Dr Ed Siauw and Dr Kylie Siauw undertook nearly half their training in rural Shepparton and believe this provides a more hands-on teaching experience.


For more than 11 years, former Notre Dame student Dr Kylie Siauw (nee McManus) and her husband Ed Siauw have had one single focus.

In what they describe as a life-long commitment, the 31-year-olds have completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Melbourne and reached their shared goal to become General Practitioners.

Unlike most medical students, the Siauws undertook nearly half their training in a rural setting; Kylie’s hometown of Shepparton and both believe this provided a more hands-on experience and better teaching.

“While we were at the Rural Clinical School Shepparton campus we spoke to fellow students in the city and felt we were getting more individualised teaching time,” Dr Kylie Siauw said.

"We felt “part of the team" rather than a face in the crowd in a big city hospital. We both really got involved in patient care and patients were happy to be involved in our learning.”

The couple agreed that improving patient health through support and knowledge is their priority.

Dr Kylie Siauw is now practicing at Lister House where she undertook her GP training while Dr Ed Siauw is practicing at the University of Melbourne Shepparton Medical Centre. After meeting at the University of Melbourne in Parkville, both doctors completed internships at GV Health and spent two-and-a-half years at the Rural Clinical School as part of their medical training.

Last year, they both passed exams required to become fellows of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.