Medicine: Dr Andrew Lin and Dr Hon Weng Chong

Recent graduates of Melbourne Medical School, Andrew Lin and Hon Weng Chong, both 27 years old, take their responsibility to improve the health and wellbeing of communities around the world very seriously.


Their approach has generated a concept so logical yet transformational that it secured $5 million funding from Chinese Investment Company, Tencent Holdings Ltd, in 2015 and retail distribution through US retail giant Best Buy.

Andrew and Hon are the co-founders of CliniCloud: a company that produces medical diagnostic tools linked to phone Apps for home and clinic use.  CliniCloud’s products collect high quality data for diagnosing and monitoring a range of common health conditions and, to date, the company has produced a digital stethoscope and non-contact thermometer that work with a self explanatory smartphone App to generate, collect and store data that can be remotely accessed and assessed by a doctor.  

Andrew says, “We realised quite quickly in clinical school that most of the patients in Emergency don’t need to be there, and that most people coming into clinics were there to monitor just a small amount of data. We saw that there are a lot of things that could easily be digitised to make life easier for everyone involved.”

CliniCloud’s home kit combination of a stethoscope and a thermometer provides powerful diagnostic data that allows the diagnosis of respiratory conditions, heart failure and many other common health problems.

“A lot of the time doctors only see a snapshot of a patient but having a timeline of a huge amount of medical-grade quality data gathered by patients at home on a regular basis could be a game changer in catching and preventing health issues—and noticing trends—early on,” explains Andrew.

“Ultimately computers are going to be involved in how we manage our healthcare and what hope to see is a layer of automation to augment existing medical services.”

The CliniCloud founders hope to eventually see the devices in every home and also in hospitals. Their bold vision does not seem so out of reach given their success so far – in the five years since they graduated the company has grown to 17 employees, almost all of whom are graduates of Melbourne Medical School, Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne School of Engineering.

Andrew and Hon still have a close relationship with the University of Melbourne and pay homage to their time here. Andrew says, “I took a lot away from my med degree and, other than the medical knowledge, I developed a real understanding of the health problems that people go through at a meaningful level.”

Andrew will present at this year’s MD conference on 28 June.