Physiotherapy: Robert LoPresti

Robert LoPresti is the Director of Clinical Education at Austin Health.

What led you to study at the University of Melbourne?
I wanted to study at a place where I could not only learn from the best but where I could also have a fantastic campus experience.

What are your strongest memories of your time at the University of Melbourne?
The friendships that I made while studying my Physiotherapy degree are definitely the strongest memories. I made many new friends, many I will have for life.

What goals did you set yourself when you finished University and have you stuck to that plan? When I first finished university I wanted to gain a broad experience as a physiotherapist. I wanted to continue to learn, develop and challenge myself. I also wanted to experience overseas travel and physiotherapy allowed me to achieve that. Now I have been able to utilise the clinical skills and background I learnt as a Physiotherapist and apply those in a new context in my current role as Director, Clinical Education. This role enables me to utilise my clinical background, combined with skills in management and my passion for education.

What/who motivated you at University?
I had many great mentors while at university and also at our clinical school hospital at Austin Health. Professor Linda Denehy was a great motivator and mentor and I still seek her advice today.

What advice do you have for current students?
Make the most of your time while at university. Melbourne University provides such a great opportunity to study at a campus and location that is world class. Work hard in your studies but also make sure you take the time to socialise and have as much fun as you can.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment since graduating?
My family would be my greatest achievement. I am a father of two girls aged 5 and 3 and they are definitely the best part of my life. Completing my Master of Management was another great achievement that I have been proud of.

What does being successful mean to you?
Being able to have balance in your life is really important to me. To have an enjoyable and challenging career while still having time for the important things in life like your family and doing the things you love is something that I would regard as success.