Audiology: Joanna Remenyi

Joey Remenyi is a vestibular audiologist & neuroplasticty therapist. She is the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance International.


Joanna "Joey" Remenyi (BA 2005 Arts, GDipAudSc 2007, MClinAud 2008) is a vestibular audiologist who specialises in rehabilitation for people who suffer from conditions caused by the inner ear such as dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus.  

These conditions are often misunderstood and are extremely frustrating for the sufferer as there can appear to be no clear medical solution for the symptoms they experience.  People who experience vertigo and tinnitus are more likely to also experience depression and anxiety.

Joey is the only audiologist in Australia who specialises in this field of vestibular rehabilitation and is renowned globally for her expertise in mindfulness. She is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with over 7000 hours of training and 18 years of experience in the field of mind-body medicine.

Recognising that vertigo clients were asking for more support tools, Joey developed online resources structured through personalised 12 week programs that help clients feel relaxed, stay employed and access emotional and psychological support.

“In the past, vertigo clients were told to talk to their GP and were then generally medicated for anxiety, depression or nausea, without any strategies or tools to specifically address or prevent their symptoms,” Joey says.

“This program provides them with support in dizzy moments. They learn to understand their condition and, importantly, understand their options about what to do to ease symptoms. It gives them greater control while supporting them through the gentle steps needed to encourage their brains to re-wire. This is neuroplasticity and a very hot topic right now.”

Originally created for rural and remote clients, the program’s video and audio resources are now being used worldwide – from New York to the Northern Territory. Joey also provides professional training in this field to audiologists (or other health professionals) in Australia and at international conferences. 

After graduating, Joey interned with the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and worked at the University of Melbourne’s Vestibular Clinic from 2008 – 2014.  

Joey’s background in yoga and mindfulness has greatly influenced her work in vestibular rehabilitation: “This is an essential skill set that I have used with thousands of clients living with sensory impairments. It's awesome to see clients rediscover their balance and enjoy life again.  They lean into uncertainty and create a space of calm. They learn to thrive.  They seek balance.”

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