Oral Health: Thusheka Uthayakumar

Thusheka Uthayakumar graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Melbourne. She has since returned, to work as a clinical demonstrator at the Melbourne Dental School and to undertake an Honours research project.

Where do you currently work and what is your role?

I currently work at Monash Health Dental Services as an Oral Health Therapist (OHT). I have previously worked privately as an Oral Health Therapist however, this year I have chosen to take on some new challenges with my interest in research. I am also a University of Melbourne Dental School clinical demonstrator for students of Oral Health.

What does your role entail?

My role as an OHT involves treating children, adolescents and adults for a variety of different procedures with a main focus on preventive services. My role enables me to assist patients with the skills and motivation to better their own oral health.

What are some of your professional highlights since graduating?

Since graduating in 2014, working in both the public and private sector had allowed me to develop my skills as a new graduate. I can well and truly say that I am comfortable and in most instances able to take on complex periodontal cases, orthodontic treatment and difficult children with a bit more ease. Delving into an Honours research project this year; three years since graduating, has allowed me to grow my research skills after some time away from student life.  As mentioned, I am very pleased to be a demonstrator at the University. It’s rewarding to have students look up to me and take on board my advice.

What are some highlights from your life as a student at The University of Melbourne?

My friends who I studied with made my journey through university that much better and I can say with certainty that they will be part of my family for many years to come. If not for studying the Bachelor of Oral Health, I would not have met the girls and life would be strikingly different now.

Carte crepes next to South lawn was definitely the best reward after exams and Pronto’s pizza always delivered with their delicious treats. The range of Uni balls and social events made life at UoM enjoyable with many memories to cherish.