Oral Health: Janet Chuanon

Janet Chuanon graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Melbourne and also holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy. Passionate about both Oral Health and Pharmacy, Janet has now returned to study a Master of Philosophy (Dental Science) in order to combine her two fields of knowledge.

Janet is currently working as both a pharmacist in a public hospital and an oral health therapist in a private clinic.

“As an oral health therapist, my role includes conducting dental examinations and diagnosis, developing care plans, taking radiographs, promoting oral health to the community by providing education to local schools, and motivating people to maintain good oral health.”

Janet’s research for her Master of Philosophy (Dental Science), is focused on the oral health curricula in Australian pharmacy schools and the role pharmacists play in oral health.

“I have always been interested in teeth and realised early on how important it was to have healthy teeth and gums. I enjoy the fact that this field is very hands on and interactive with patients and the community.

“The University of Melbourne's Dental School has a wonderful reputation, particularly when it comes to dental research. This initially drew me to apply to study Oral Health.

“Being motivated and inspired by some brilliant lecturers, as well as the many strong friendships I made over the years, are some of best aspects of studying at Melbourne.”