ENCORE Webinar Series


The webinar series commences on July 20, Wednesday, 2016 at 12 PM IST (4:30 PM EST) 

  • Topic: “ This is what “R” can do!”
  • Facilitators: Philippa Dalach and Anand T.N

The webinar will be conducted through "Zoom" and all the participants are requested to download the platform and join the first session by clicking here.

If you already have Zoom in the system, please enter the meeting ID 105510852 to join.

  • Each session will run for an hour, which will have two facilitators and two discussants
  • Only the facilitators will have privileges to speak during the presentation
  • If a participant requires any clarification during the session, they can use the chat option available in Zoom and type the comment
  • Each session will have a set of selected pre-readings which will be emailed to the trainees at least a week before the presentation
  • At the conclusion of the presentation, there will be discussion, during which the trainees can raise questions and share their views
  • At the end of the discussion, the discussants will present their reflections based on the pre-readings and the presentation

More Information

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