Taking Action

MDHS commitments

The ‘Setting the Standard’ program introduced in 2018 signalled our intention to improve workplace culture. We have made some progress in embedding our values and calling out inappropriate behaviour but there is more work to do. This year we established the Safer Workplace Committee to develop initiatives that contribute to an inclusive and respectful culture within our respective work environments. The following commitments outline how we intend to embed consistent standards across leadership in the faculty:

Embedding rewards and consequences throughout the employment process

We will reinforce our commitment to standards by embedding rewards and consequences into our PDF, promotion and recruitment processes. We will ensure that appropriate management of unacceptable and poor behaviours in all leadership assessment, performance development, promotion and recruitment processes is undertaken and that there are consequences for annual performance assessments and promotion applications.

Establish peer forums for key leaders who need to implement policies and develop appropriate workplace culture

Peer Networks will be established to create a safe space for leaders to come together to develop capability, share their knowledge and experience in managing inappropriate behaviour.

Annual Summary on addressing unacceptable behaviours

Faculty leadership will compile an annual summary of actions taken to address reports of inappropriate behaviour. This report will be available for all staff to access.