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There is considerable challenge in assessing and interpreting the impacts of educational interventions. Study behaviour is an important indicator of these impacts and changes in the intensity, duration, timing and prioritisation of study activities provide useful metrics of the size and scope of these changes. We will explore the application and utility of these metrics with a view to applying them (and the study diary app) across a range of future research projects and contexts related to our own work as well as those involved in medical and health professional education and evaluation and research more generally.


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Ryan, A.T., McColl, G.J., Chiavaroli, N.G., & O'Brien, R.C., “Medical Student Study Behaviour: Hours, Company & Motivation” Poster at the Austin Life Sciences Research Week, Heidelberg, Australia, 19-23 October 2015

Ryan, A.T., McColl, G.J., Chiavaroli, N.G., & O'Brien, R.C., “Medical Student Study Behaviour in the First Clinical Year:: Hours, Company & Motivation” Oral Presentation at the Asian Medical Education Annual Conference, Newcastle, Australia 30 March-1April 2015

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