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"This is a song I wrote about everyone's efforts to research COVID-19, particularly with my colleagues in the Doherty Institute/DMI in mind."

–Catriona Nguyen-Robertson, Godfrey Laboratory, Doherty Institute & Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

"Annie Lov recorded this tutorial of her origami making using a makeshift tripod using a box, a pen to prop up my phone and blu-tack."

–Annie Lov, Year 3, Bachelor of Oral Health Student, Melbourne Dental School.

"For years I have owned a guitar, but I could never play it...Now I can't put the thing down, and I sing until the cows come home!!"

–Michelle Rachow, Year 2, Bachelor of Oral Health Student, Melbourne Dental School.

"With cultural awareness as optometrists, we can practice cultural sensitivity and achieve cultural safety."

–Jonah Krznaric, Year 1, Doctor of Optometry Student, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Melbourne School of Health Sciences.

" 'soon' tries to convey a sense of longing for lockdown to be over while at the same time capturing the feeling of losing one's sense of time as the days in lockdown seem to never end."

–Hong Ji (Tiger) Yin, Year 1, Doctor of Dental Surgery Student, Melbourne Dental School.

"We decided to make a mini-golf course using items we could find around the house."

–Miki Maruyama, Adam Hilton & Michael Mohr, Year 3, Doctor of Physiotherapy Students, Melbourne School of Health Sciences.