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MDHS 2020 Virtual Exhibition

Living Virtually

During the pandemic, the MDHS community has demonstrated incredible strength, creativity and vibrancy despite facing significant change and most people working and studying from home. We want to celebrate the achievements and talents of our staff and students by showcasing your creative approaches in a very different year.

What have you done differently as part of your academic and professional work, your studies, or your personal life?

A virtual exhibition will be launched by the Faculty and we invite you to take part by sending in examples of your creative approaches.

We are also looking to highlight innovative teaching and learning practices and create a record of this unprecedented time for our community and for future historians. Therefore, your creative entries may also be considered for inclusion in:
–  A Faculty Teaching and Learning Showcase
–  The Medical History Museum COVID-19 Collection

There is no limit to what your entry could be, but examples include:

  • New and creative ways of engaging with students in your teaching
  • Creating engagement with staff or communities
  • Creative student assignments or research projects
  • Evidence of skills and hobbies or further ways of surviving and, indeed thriving, in lockdown
  • Home-based projects like baking sourdough, cooking or gardening
  • Creative outlets like painting, knitting, writing, sewing, singing, woodworking...the list goes on

How to contribute

Use the portal to upload media, photos, video, or documents that can be included in the virtual exhibition, teaching and learning showcase or museum collection. Please provide a 100-word explanation of the item you are sharing and what it reflects.

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