Prostate Cancer Research Group | Professor Chris Hovens & A/Prof Niall Corcoran

Determining prostate cancer aggressiveness, metastatic potential and the molecular drivers of treatment resistance.

Chris Hovens and Niall Corcoran

The Prostate research group, led by Professor Chris Hovens and Associate Professor Niall Corcoran, is in a pivotal position to decipher the genomic codes that drive metastasis and lethal disease in prostate cancer.

Their team of researchers have unique expertise in tracking, sampling and interrogating, with deep genomic analyses, lethal prostate cancer specimens in living patients. These analyses have revealed, for the first time, the precise patterns and direction of lethal metastatic spread, as well as determined the tumour complexity at primary and metastatic sites.

The group’s ongoing work aims to directly assess the prognostic potential of the metastatic signatures by linking genomic signatures to clinical outcomes, potentially having a transformative effect on clinical prognosis in prostate cancer.

The group aims to develop and validate new tests that will better inform patients and clinicians when selecting treatment options, as well as implement new treatment intensification strategies for high-risk disease.

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Professor Chris Hovens
Department of Surgery, Melbourne Medical School

Associate Professor Niall Corcoran
Department of Surgery, Melbourne Medical School

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