Sharing a world of data: A/Prof Oliver Hofmann

Genomics generates vast troves of data. How should we deal with it? Associate Professor Oliver Hofmann is Head of Bioinformatics at the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research, and co-leads an Australian Genomics key program area. He spoke to Australian Genomics on the challenges of creating universal systems to deal with vast amounts of genomic information.

Oliver Hofmann AGHA

"The whole idea behind genomics is learning and making decisions based on how one person's genome compares to everybody else's."

For example, it can be difficult for doctors identifying rare diseases to figure out the underlying cause if they only have access to a small amount of patient data - say, from only one hospital.

"Buf it you ask that question across 100,000 patients, you might find five or so of those genetic changes in other people, increasing the chances of an accurate diagnosis."

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