Donations play an important role in the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research's work to improve patient outcomes. We are grateful to our donors for their help in supporting ground-breaking research and building important partnerships.

  • Bertalli Chair in Cancer Medicine

    The inaugural Bertalli Chair in Cancer Medicine, held by UMCCR director Professor Sean Grimmond, was made possible by the extraordinary generosity of Neville and Diana Bertalli.

  • Li Ka Shing Foundation

    A gift by the Li Ka Shing Foundation for precision oncology will advance our research on upper gastrointestinal cancers, which have an exceptionally high mortality rate. Over the past 50 years, there has been minimal improvement in treatments and survival rates for these cancers, which include pancreatic, stomach and oesphageal cancers. The foundation’s $US3 million ($A3.97 million) donation enable the UMCCR to capture and mine the genomic data needed to identify new drug targets and new treatments. It will also enable creation of organoid “banks” to readily test new drugs before they are given to patients.

    It will also fund a knowledge exchange with China’s Shantou University (STU) Medical College's Affiliated Cancer Hospital.

  • PMF Foundation

    The PMF Foundation's generous donation of $3 million over five years from 2017 is supporting a precision oncology research program through the UMCCR. This support is enabling the acquisition of specialised research equipment, extension of research outputs, and translation of research into clinical care for cancer patients.